3rd June 2021

Blog for Winston Churchill Memorial Trust: The importance of reconnecting the old and young through intergenerational learning. Sadly just as intergenerational learning was gathering momentum in England (largely due to a growth in early years intergenerational practice), Covid-19 struck and everything was put on hold as the two care sectors, early years and elder care […]

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20th May 2021

I have exciting news to share.. I have been invited to join the Advisory Group for the Care Home Friends and Neighbours (FaNs) Intergenerational Linking Project. This exciting project will evaluate 16 intergenerational projects taking place within different community organisations linking young people aged 5 -14yrs with older people living in care homes across England. […]

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28th April 2021

I just want to take a moment to tell you about an exciting new intergenerational project that is starting today. The six week project has been funded by CAN – Connecting Actively in Nature which is a programme supporting inactive people over 55 in Torbay to be active outdoors. As part of our drive to […]

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3rd April 2021

This week I delivered a webinar to the GWT Growing Together Care Home Network in Scotland in which we discussed the issue of consent for the young and the old that take part in intergenerational programmes. Not in a ‘is it okay to take your photograph’ way but in a ‘ are you happy to […]

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12th March 2021

What a successful Intergenerational Week it has been in the UK! I don’t know about you but for me this week Twitter has been full of intergenerational stories and inspirational projects all making the difference for individuals well-being by connecting them to their community. As the host for Intergenerational Week this year Generations Working Together […]

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7th February 2021

It’s time to share some wonderful news…the intergenerational Childminders programme that I developed in partnership with Warberries Care Home in Torquay has been awarded the 2020 Best Inclusive Practice Nursery World Award. This co-located intergenerational programme with Childminders is the first in the UK and has only come about through great partnership working and everyone […]

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6th December 2020

Hi, I just wanted to share some exciting news…my book ‘Growing Together’ is now available to purchase in America. If you have a wonky table that needs exactly the right book to wedge under the leg then this is the one or alternatively if you are looking for intergenerational activities for young children and seniors […]

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23rd September 2020

We are excited in Torbay that the children cared for by the Intergenerational Childminders that are usually based in Warberries Care Home Torquay have contributed pictures to the exhibition for Arts in Care Home Day. They are also planning some window waves to their elderly friends. This will kick off the intergenerational reconnection programme in […]

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26th August 2020: Rebuilding bridges

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic there had been a real growth in the practice of intergenerational learning, with many early years providers developing beneficial partnerships with elder care settings in their community. Then came Covid19 and everything stopped. To enable children to continue their relationships with their elderly friends it’s very important that we re-evaluate […]

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