19th January 2020: Publication of new intergenerational activities book

Happy new year! 2020 is going to be an exciting year in the world of intergenerational learning as this approach continues to develop and grow in the UK.

Firstly let me share some exciting news and please excuse the self-promotion. In 2019 I was commissioned by Yellow Door (an online early years resources company) to write an intergenerational activities book which would give those of us bringing young children and elders together a selection of purposeful focused activities. The book called ‘Growing Together: 50 inspiring ideas for intergenerational learning has now been published. Inside it you will find 50 creative activities, practical support for the initial planning stage, ideas on how to structure sessions, guidance on your role, as well as the expected learning outcomes for children and older adults, extension ideas, and advice on monitoring and evaluation, all linking in to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Have a look and let me know what you think…

Alongside my new book, United for All Ages have just released their new report ‘Together in the 2020’s’ which sets out their aims and reports on a wide range of growing intergenerational initiatives that are happening in the UK. This report makes you realise the growth in people now following an intergenerational approach to their work. Collectively all the work going on in our own communities is making a huge difference to peoples lives; please read it!

Lastly, let’s raise the profile of intergenerational week in the UK. This year it falls from 23rd – 29th March. If you visit St Monica Trust website you can register an interest and download marketing tools.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all did something that week, and the papers and social media were full of inspiring intergenerational stories?

Start planning!



One thought on “19th January 2020: Publication of new intergenerational activities book

  1. Congratulations Lorraine! I’m sure your book will become the handbook for intergenerational work. Well deserved recognition for all your passion and hard work.

    Viv x



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