8th January 2019: A good start to the new year

Today, United for All Ages have released their latest report namely, ‘The next generation:how intergenerational interaction improves life chances for children and young people’.
It explores how bringing young and older people together can help tackle some of the big social ills facing the next generation – from poor health, anxiety and loneliness to educational achievement and social mobility.
The report features contributions from national and local organisations who have all shared intergenerational ideas and projects that tackle tough issues facing children and young people. The work going on in Torbay between early years settings and adult care homes has been included.
This report highlights the importance of seeing intergenerational interactions as a means of making a positive difference to the participants, the community and our society. Read it here.
As I start this year, I am mindful of something that one of the children said to me during a visit to their setting in the US……”why don’t kids in England go to school with Grandmas and Grandpas?”. It astonished him that children are not co-located in care homes to share their learning with older adults, because it is such a natural thing to do and so many lessons are learnt from each other.
Remembering his incredulity at this spurs me on and with reports such as this new one from United for All Ages which evidences the impact intergenerational learning makes, 2019 will be an exciting year.

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